i sneak through the city / the silent city / when you're not here / walk with the dead / sometimes they follow the route i make / i paint a heart on a wall / a concrete wall / where you would pass by and see: i was here / i walk on and on / i'll make my way / i miss your smile / i walk through the city / the dark city / no one passes by / in the gloomy hours of the morning / i look for life / behind the walls and the clouded windows / everywhere i strive / there's no one in there / or maybe they are sleeping / i choose to leave some stains / nice remains of what i thought / walking with no one around / later they would look out and see: someone was here / high afloat we breast the waves / all in our own boats / we built before the tide came in / and at life's bus stops we are waiting / we are patient / but then in panic like the hunted deer / trying to keep our heads on / when there's no time for waiting / we'll start running / as we've held on for too long / there's no transfer today / to carry me away / carry me away